Welcome to Tales of Nadine – Life & Travel stories with a twist!

After growing up in the middle of the desert in Australia my eyes were opened to the world of travel with a brief trip to Fiji for work almost 10 years ago. Since then I’ve visited 54 incredible countries, experienced dozens of different cultures, eaten weird & wonderful foods, gazed upon wonders of the world, lazed on tropical beaches and experienced the true meaning of travel.

From what began as a lighthearted travel blog has developed into a platform where I share real & honest stories of my travels and life journey; from the time where I lost an entire tooth on a night out in Bangkok to the deepest pain & heartbreak, the lessons and the strange & dangerous situations along the way.

After hitting rock bottom I am now an awakened goddess becoming the best version of myself, on my way to building an empire.

If you’re offended by cussing, sex, drugs, alcohol and rock n roll, turn away. If not, read on and enjoy! 🙂