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As we rolled into November, it was also the beginning of the Silly Season! Boy, I’m only half way through and what an eventful 6 weeks it has been! From a birthday I will never forget (although I struggle to remember it) to an amazing wedding & insane week in Fiji, to the middle of the desert for a cash injection, with Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane in between!
Now as I sit here and write I must try and piece it altogether for your amusement… Here goes!

So first began my birthday. My first birthday in Australia in 5 years might I add… A little depressing for a traveller such as me, but I decided to make the most of it. I planned a birthday bash at our house with the theme “outrageous beachwear.” We set up the blow-up pool, the ol detergent tarp slide, a jelly pool and dressed up in our stupidest summer-wear. What a hilarious day/night! Most of which I cannot remember, but know it was awesome all the same. The jelly pool only lasted about 3 minutes until my mate Matt did a belly flop in it and completely emptied it out. This made the lawn incredibly slippery, therefore was the cause of some hilarious stacks! Mine must have been the best… The ol skate from side to side and then managed to wedge my arm underneath my own body as I fell. Good times! I must also mention my drunken injury from this day… Losing an entire big toenail! THE WHOLE THING!!


As a present this year I asked all my friends and fans to send me a postcard from around the world. I aimed for 23 (for my 23rd birthday) and managed to get 20! So stoked 🙂 Huge shout out to everyone who sent me one!


Next on the agenda was the amazing Fiji for my friends Kim & Brad’s wedding. It’d been 6 months since I had been there and I knew it would be a totally different experience. Last time I was there I was your typical Fijian housewife, sweeping the floors with a straw broom, hand-washing a household of clothes and looking after my boyfriends family. This time was time to get loose! …and that I did. From the minute I arrived I was on the turps. Stupidly I went out on the first night and managed to go until 11am… and 11am was when my boat was departing to Mana Island. Yep, I missed that one. And the next. I managed to roll into the island JUST on time for the rehearsal dinner, looking a little worse for wear. (Probably smelling like it too.)


The next day was the wedding and what an amazing one it was! It did rain for the entire day, but it didn’t matter because everything was just beautiful! (Shout out to the gorgeous Kimmy and Brad.) I behaved myself right up until the speeches and things were over and then it was on for young & old… Literally! I recall there being several men running around with no pants on, the bar put on an extra hour of free drinks because we were so damn awesome, I climbed trees (my climbing partner managed to fall out of a few!) I skinny-dipped several times and my friend Jamie-Lee and I were literally put to bed by a worker at the hostel! Haha

Apparently I was only wearing a towel when this occurred and when it fell off I didn’t care that I was naked and walked the rest of the way starkers. When asking him the next day if he saw my boobs his reply was “Of course!” Haha
It was an interesting morning walking around the island being told things I had said or done, being laughed at or being asked how my head was. Oh god!
This kind of behaviour continued for the rest of the week and there was certainly fun times had! It was by far the best Fiji trip I have had and I was so glad to make some new memories. BULA!! 🙂


When I returned from Fiji… Exhausted and without my dignity… I decided to head to the middle of the desert to spend my sisters 18th with her… On a one way ticket mind you, meaning I had to get some work while I was there! So off I headed with my older sister Liana to my home town Alice Springs! I scored a bit of work while I was there at an awesome little pub GD McGees. When I wasn’t working I was drinking, as the story of my life goes!
I took my sis out on her 18th… I don’t know about anyone else, but how scary is sending your young sibling off into the world of pubs and clubs!? I watched her like a hawk all night whilst attempting to get her incredibly drunk with cocktails and disgusting shots. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATE! And watch out parents, lock up your sons!

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After a week amongst the red dirt I was off again to Adelaide & Melbourne. I flew to Adelaide for a night, which I spent with my amazing younger step sister Lauren and her boyfriends family. Their house was located right off a main street, but they owned acres of land which they had their own little farm on. All the fruit & veg you could dream of was growing in their backyard and they had chickens, pigeons, dogs & more. AMAZING!


The next day I flew with my friend Emma and her bro & sis to Melbourne to see the incredible Eminem!! What a shit hot night that was! Never in my lifetime would I have imagined seeing such an iconic performer and every second was just amazing. We had front row tickets and also to the VIP after party… SWEET! After the concert we walked, lost, for hours trying to find the after party before jumping in a strangers car to be driven through the mayhem to make our way there. Then it was back to Adelaide the next day to go to the festival Stereosonic. BLOODY AWESOME MATE! As usual there was a whole bunch of Alice Springs people there so I got to party with some of my favourites 🙂 Although the highlight of the day was probably on the way there, the random dude who walked smack bang into a pole whilst boasting about how much better his countries government is. Should have seen him freak when I told him he wouldn’t be let in with blood pissing out of his face like that! Hahah

The rest of the Adelaide trip was spent scouring strip clubs at all hours of the morning (and falling in love with a stripper, who signed a poster just for me!), Emma busking and taking the spotlight off the actual buskers, mechanical bull riding at the Woolshed and thanking god I took my sunnies out when I emerged from clubs at sunrise. Then an amazing night of rehab at Emma’s Mums house in Victor Harbor where I thought I was on my death bed, with no voice and what felt like laryngitis!

Of course there is no rest for the wicked and it was back to Alice Springs for a few more weeks work and partying… I worked mostly nights so everyday was spent in the pool getting my tan on and soaking up the amazing desert rays! On the day of this picture (left) with my gorgeous friend Kylie I managed to lose my other ENTIRE big toenail. Not sure about you, but I’ve never met anyone who possesses neither toenail. Not cool! It was an amazing few weeks catching up with my awesome friends and family and having more good times in the town I call home 🙂


I came back to Cairns on Christmas eve, just in time to spend Chrissie day with my Mum & sister and my amazing friend Felise’s family. We had a pool party, gorged ourselves and drank copious amounts of alcohol. I do believe there may have been a few joints passed around also! I decided that Xmas was a day to act like a kid again… and I did just that! Bombing in the pool, belly flops (ouch) and hilarious underwater photos.. as you can see! It was certainly one of the best Christmas days I have ever had! Amen to the Silly Season!!

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