Melt festival in Germany


So we headed off to MELT festival in Ferropolis, Germany on Thursday. The festival doesnt start until Friday, but we wanted to get a good camping spot and well I wanted to party! We had a massive group going to the festival, but only about 6 of us went on the Thursday. The drinking started hours before we were due to board our train and it didnt stop.I barely remember getting to the campsite and obviously didnt remember where exactly we were camping. Luckily Jony arrived early and set up the tents because it would have been mission impossible for me!

We drank around the campsite for hours then headed on an adventure. I got to a point where I needed bed so I left everyone and started to head ‘home’. I had my blanket that I had bought that day around my shoulders and off I went. After walking for 2 hours completely and utterly lost I managed to fall in a river. I dont know how it happened or where I was, but one minute I was walking and the next I was face first in a river. My thongs came off so I was shoe-less and dripping wet. I dragged my blanket behind me and set off again to try and make it back to camp. I dont know what I was thinking because I didnt even know what my tent looked like and there was 25,000 people camping there. So I kept walking for another hour, asking people if they knew where my tent was. Like, as if they would know! haha So 3 hours into my mission home I realised I had a phone in my bra! A phone that worked, and a phone that I guessed had the phone number of a guy I was camping with. I had no idea whos phone it was or how it got into my bra, but I didnt care! So the next challenge was typing in P for Phil. This turned out harder than I thought. I actually had to get a stranger to do it for me. I dont know if youve ever had a stranger ask you to type a letter into their phone for them, but I can imagine it would be quite humourous!  I managed to find my friends and when I got there they said I had mud all over my face, was dripping wet and now blanket-less.

The next morning, hungover and delirious I figured that being lost in this huge place was totally normal, until I saw where I was when i left the group… about 50 metres from camp! That was the longest 50 metres of my life!! And to top it off, everybody I spoke to at the festival for the rest of the weekend assures me there was absolutely NO river in the whole place…. hmmm. a puddle perhaps?? I swear it was a river!!


I behaved pretty well for the next few nights.On Friday night I came home to a flooded tent 🙁 I’d say it was the worst sleep of my life… The sleeping bag was completely wet, along with all my clothes and I was laying with my feet in puddles. Some americans we ended up camping with had the same problem and ended up leaving the festival early Saturday morning because they were frozen. On Saturday i spent a good 9 hours dancing at the sleepless floor in a garbage bag that I had made to be a raincoat. Very clever. I had the best friggen day ever! The most amazing music and the most amazing people!

Sunday was a little bit of a repeat of Thursday night. We started at the sleepless floor and I drank beer like I hadn’t had fluids in my body for a year. By the time we headed to see Oasis I was pretty… well tipsy. Aussie Rob decided it would be a great idea to try and go backstage. It was an Aussie mission that only Aussies could pull off (so we thought!) So we jumped a few fences and walked through a few huge puddles before a security guard spotted us. He started chasing us and I was running for dear life. German men are scary, even scarier when they are angry and in uniform! Then he tackled me, yes I was rugby tackled by a grown german man and he then dragged me away. Oops! I said sorry like a million times, but he kept on dragging me and then sat me in a booth near the entrance for what felt like hourssss, but was prob only 20 minutes. I think they were deciding my punishment, like I was waiting in court for stealing a loaf of bread in the old days. Then he started to walk over with a pair of scissors and off came my wristband for the festival and I was kicked out! I cried like  baby and then drank more beer and ZZZZZZZ walked all the way home.

Started with a bang and ended with a bang!!



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