Robbed & stuck in Serbia


So I’m now 2 weeks into my stay in Belgrade. I was going to leave on Friday after Geoff flew home, but a very drunken Wednesday night/Thursday morning left me bankcard‐less (thank you to the taxi driver who robbed me) so I’m now waiting for them to be sent. The one unfortunate thing about being Australian is being so damn far away which means it takes stupid amounts of time for mail to arrive! The upside of waiting in Belgrade (besides that I love the place) is that I have had time to plan out my next move.

I have decided against overpriced western Europe for now, which I have done most of and instead I’m heading to Poland and then through the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia) then onto Finland! It’s going to involve days of train/bus travel, but will be well worth it in the end. I don’t know much about those countries except that they are total party places and are ridiculously cheap! I also know that Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in the world. Hmmm…

So since my last blog my days have been very lazy and my nights very big. We went out Wednesday for Geoffs last night and I continued to party until Thursday afternoon. The night started off innocently enough at one of the nightclubs on a barge on the river and then we ended up at the underground strip club again until the early hours of the morning. I don’t know why I keep going to these same strip clubs when I know very well that most of the girls are not very attractive and everything costs a fortune! One drink there is over 10 euros! Amazing, when this is a country where you only just earn 10 euros in a days work. Weird! It was a funny night though, between the 15 guys I was there with 2 of them (one being Geoff) were dragged up onto the floor and stripped almost naked and were spanked and mauled by the strippers! Very entertaining 🙂 When I finally packed in and went to sleep it was 2pm the next day. When I woke at 5pm there was no sign of Geoff who had to leave for the airport not long after. When he did come rolling in, he came rolling drunk! He’d been at a bar drinking jacks and tequila alone! Haha.
Worried they wouldn’t let him on the plane, I had to feed him and stop him from drinking more. He made it in the end and off he went home to Australia.


So since then I’ve been hanging out mostly with an Aussie girl Isla. Yesterday we went to new Belgrade to the Chinese markets. My backpack is so small that I’m so sick of my clothes already so I bought a few new outfits for something like $50! I love Serbia 🙂 It was quite a funny experience seeing Serbian- speaking Chinese. Haha I sometimes forget how damn cheap it is here and was very pleased with myself last night when I bought 2 large beers, a pack of chips, peanuts and cookies for about $5! Joy 🙂
Another interesting experience I’ve enjoyed while being here has been the fact that I have ‘pussy’ tattooed on my foot in Serbian. Let’s just say I have a lot of eyes on me in public!
So now I am heading over to Zemun on the other side of the water to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the river with a nice cold beer and in the company of an Aussie and a Latvian. It’s a hard life!



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