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Vanuatu was amazing! It reminded me of Fiji, but a little less developed and more untouched. The people were some of the friendliest I’ve ever met in the world and its totally safe.

We had just 4 nights in Vanuatu so we spent our time on the main island Efate, staying at Hideaway Island. It is just 10 minutes drive and a quick boat ride across the water and it was perfect! I 100% recommend it to anyone.

The accommodation options range from dorms, to basic twin rooms to villas so they can accommodate anyone no matter what your budget. We stayed in a basic twin room with a shared bathroom and it was perfect! It was around $80AUD per night for two people including continental breakfast.

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  • The Beach Bar (directly across the water from Hideaway) has a Friday night fire show which was incredible! If you are there on a Friday night you are in luck and you MUST see it. Get there early (Approx 5pm) to get a good spot. Or book a table a few days in advance.
  • Eat at the Port Vila Markets. The Mamas are located at the back with small open kitchens and you can get a huge plate of fish + rice + veggies (for example) for just $4AUD 🙂 So delicious!
  •  Visit Mele village – this is located at the turn off to Hideaway Island and the locals will welcome anybody who would like to walk or drive through. Take a HUGE bag of lollies for the kids 🙂 There are a couple of little Kava Bars inside so definitely get yourself a bowl of Kava
  • Snorkel or dive at Hideaway Island – even if you aren’t staying there you can take a day trip there. I believe the boat across is free and you can purchase lunch at the restaurant
  • Take part in the Melanesian Feast Night at Hideaway – they have a band and dancing, a huge all-you-can-eat feast including dessert and you sit on mats around the fire

COSTS (All in AUD and published in August 2016)

  • Dorms at Hideaway are $44 per person or our basic twin room was $80. However there are accommodation options for every budget
  • Meals at a restaurant are around $20 / Meal in the market around $4 / Beer at a bar or restaurant around $5 / Bottle of local whiskey in the supermarket $10
  • Transport – A bus (mini van) to town from Hideaway (around 15 minutes) is around $2.50. Supposedly its not common to barter however we agreed a price before every ride and paid much less than originally advised. From the airport they charge an extortionate amount for the 10 minute drive to Hideaway! We paid $25 when we arrived, $18 when we left and I am sure you can get that much cheaper
  • 25 Pack of Cigarettes $6

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